Hello New York

People! You are a force! Almost every single show at the IFC Center in NY was sold out this last weekend. You broke all kinds of records for caring. You bought tickets and stayed to hear my Q+A after the show and generally behaved in a way that said: I am a curious and passionate person. Indeed many of you came up to me after the screenings and told me about the amazing projects you are working on, or showed me pictures of your kids, or did something else to gently indicate that my movie was just a tiny part of your incredible life. And I'm very proud to be a part of it, just as you will always be the people that allowed my first movie to be seen by thousands more. But I have ruined the story, this should really come at the end, after I have forced you to suffer through each moment leading up to it.

First of all, Me and You opened the IFC Center, so I got to hang around and witness it all coming togethr. Like when I went to the bathroom there would be a large yellow drill just sitting on the counter, and I would think: in just an hour there will be real people in this bathroom who might not know what to make of the power tools, should I tell someone that this is here? But I just trusted that someone was on it, and yes, later in the night I went again and the counter was demure and pristine. I was allowed to go in the projection booth and see my movie playing on actual film:


This is a boring movie unless you spent years trying to the point where the thing spins and the light goes through it and makes the moving colors on the screen. In which case this movie is like a skateboarding movie where you are at the edge of your seat because the tricks seem so terrifying impossible.

And posters for the movie were wheat-pasted all over town. At first I took photographs of them every time I saw them, as if they were my children, but after awhile I realized that the whole point is that they were EVERYWHERE.


A couple days before the big opening we had a wonderful little premiere. The IFC Center has a restaurant in it, and that night all the waiters wore ))<>(( shirts:


Here they are having a meeting. I sensed that they perhaps did not know what ))<>(( meant.

On opening day all the reviews of the movie came out and were delivered to my hotel room. Shall I say a few words about reviews? What words shall I use? What graceful thing can a first-time director say to the public on the topic of reviews? Eh? What's that you say? Nothing?? Ah, then nothing nothing it is. After reading the reviews me and my boyfriend took a walk in central park and ate the best popsicles in the world. And we watched the professional drawers and painters draw and paint. This one is of a woman who had paid for her portrait. He had just gotten started:


And this man just did landscapes and still-lifes:


And then evening drew near and I went to the theater and watched the people buy tickets and come in. It was clear that many of these people had innocently chosen this movie because it FIT IN TO THEIR SCHEDULE or because they had SEEN AN AD or because a FRIEND A WANTED TO GO AND HAD DRAGGED THEM ALONG. I stared nervously at these people and decided that now was a terrific time to finally LET GO.

And then, well I stole that part for the beginning. I let go and it worked out ok because I fell in to many many many hands. We had the highest number of hands-per-theatre in the country. Just one theater, but so many hands.

And then I flew home to LA to do it all over again. Please come to Nu Art this weekend, I'll be there too.

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