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A post from Brandon Ratcliff

Brandon Ratcliff (who plays six-year-old Robby in the movie) is a wonderful conversationalist and sporadically sends me and the crew email updates on his young life. I thought it would be exciting if he became an occasional guest writer on this blog, and he agreed to do it when time permits. Here is his first entry:

Ok when my mom told me about what a blog was I didn't really understand that good, then she told me it was were I put down my feelings and get to talk how I wanted. I thought it was so super cool because I like to talk. Then I was about to eat a Reese's peanut butter egg and I said what is more important, chocolate or writing, and I said writing so here I am! Well actually I am talking and my mom is typing, because I am not that good of a typer but I am learning about computer at school in computer class so I am getting better. Kind of like Robby was typing in the movie that is what I do sometimes, but I mostly play computer games.

Oh and today we learned at school about Mother Nature it was Earth Day and I got to release butterflies since I was the helper today at school.

I am so excited today I saw my name was in the Washington Post, and I found out about the movie being in France. At first I thought the movie was going to be like in French talking, but then my mom said it was not it just like going to be shown in English just at a really big movie festival like when we went to Utah. I am so happy for Ms. Miranda. She said she was going to Chicago and that is where I am from and in Chicago I lived in Highland Park. I wish I could go there to see Ms.Miranda. She is so lucky she is going to all the places that I like and my puppy Teddy is learning better he's just a little wild and only sometimes barks and Scruffy my other dog is laying under the computer table and I think I need to go now and practice my piano and violin. But I was thinking maybe while Ms. Miranda is in Chicago she should go and take a walk in the park or go to Navy Pier and eat at Bubba Gump's that is my favorite
place in Chicago.

Ok and this is to you Ms. Miranda, I hope you have fun in Chicago and you are so lucky you get to see yourself all of this many times in the movie and I wish I could see it like a million times... well ok I am going to eat my chocolate now, I miss you and can you tell me if it was like hot or cold in Chicago and maybe my dad will see you since he lives there but he is coming to LA next weekend for his birthday and me and mom have surprises for him. Ok chocolate time..... 

Brandon (as transcribed by Tonni)


Here's how Chicago looks out my window this morning Brandon, cold and windy and rainy! You probably remember that. Now I'm off to Champaign...

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