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Brandon Blog #2

Guess what Ms. Miranda and everybody my last front tooth fell out! I have no teeth in front on top or bottom ahahhahaha can you believe it!!!???? I got $10 for this tooth and $20 for the other tooth!

So Ms. Miranda how is San Francisco are you still there? Did you go across the Golden Gate Bridge??!!! I can't believe you remembered I saw a rainbow when I went across it, you have a really good brain.  I was glad that my Mom and Dad took me there to have my  birthday when I turned 5. It seemed like the bridge was short when we drove across it, but when I stood on the dirt road beside it and took pictures it seemed like it was really super long. I was so excited about going to that city, I really liked it there. I am learning in school how to make rhyming poems, so I made a poem about San Francisco...

San Francisco has bees

that fly around the pretty trees

There's bumpy windy roads

and magic holes with silly toads

I really liked Alcatraz

and I heard a lot of blues and jazz

The cable cars are really cool

If you don't like them you are a fool

I went there when I was 5 now I am 7

San Francisco the city is heaven!

My mom laughed so hard at the toad part! Ms. Miranda do you like seeing all these cities? Is there a lot of good foods? Do you know what my favorite food is.. uhhhhhhhhhmm...ah yi yihhh..

BBQ Chicken, but I can't  eat a drumstick right now because I have no teeth ahahahhaha! Oh and guess what after this month I have 1 more month of school I am so happy. Oh and this Sunday is Mothers Day and I am making a surprise for my mom in class... are you making anything for your Mom? I think everyone should make something for their Moms. hehehe my dog Scruffy is snoring so loud I can't concentrate hehe, so I guess that is it. Ohh but 1 more really quick thing... my Dad just called and told my Mom some friends of his saw the movie at the mall where we used to go shopping it's called Northbrook Mall, isn't that so exciting? Well I hope I see you soon.

143 Brandon

Oh well, if ya didn't know 143 means I Love You but just a secret way to say it. I learned that from Mr. Rogers but he is dead now.

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