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Brandon's Blog #3
(with an preface by Tonni, Brandon's mother.)

He is under the weather right now (suffering from a cold & cough/environmental asthma), same symptoms when he got sick on the set... so as you can see (it is a little after 3 am) and he could not sleep;That is what started all of this email. Truly us being up and just having talks about Scooby Doo, Pokemon Cards, SpongeBob and Ms. Miranda winning & his favorite part of the movie and he wanted to write. (Miranda you should feel so lucky to be grouped in with the above stated bunch. they are his life at the present moment along with dinosaurs and dolphins)...so hence here we are... (and you have to remember we always just let him pretty much express himself so I hope this doesn't offend anyone)

"Ms. Miranda, I am so happy you are winning all of these prizes! Do you remember when I told in Utah what my favorite part was? (imagine a big sneaky toothless grin with sick & sleepy eyes) You know the part... {and I not really saying it mom I am just like being an actor saying it ok mom}... you know the... we have a lifetime together you fucker part... well that is still my favorite part ahaha ohh oh my god that part was so funny to me! Oh yeah and the macaroni! MACARONI...AHHAHAHA (cough, cough,cough) oh my god that was like so funny! You were like so good at that part, I can't wait to see it again to see that part, it makes me laugh so hard. I am up so late, it is like 3 in the morning! Even though I am sick I am so lucky!... my mom is letting me watch cartoon network adult swim and the Flintstones are in court with a judge and all the older like 70ish cartoon people it is so funny [mom halts his thoughts to give understanding: He is really into the late 70's right now, I know really weird, not quite understanding it myself, but he loves the Scooby Doo & the "Daphne" style clothing & musical guests that were on the cartoon]. Well I am gonna go and watch it now ok. Oh yeah I almost forgot my school carnival was this weekend, my whole school turned into a big carnival and we had real rides... and my dad came and guess what.. I rode the big Octopus ride all by myself! It was really high like by the trees and spinning me all around, it was so fun!

Well 143. Remember that means I love you. 1 for the letter I because it only has 1 letter, 4 for love because of 4 letters of the alphabet make up that word  and you know you has only 3 letters so...

143 Ms. Miranda. Maybe I will see you like next month or something my mom said we can see the movie again when it comes here in June, ohhh I can't wait to see my favorite part [me giving a look hoping/urging that he won't say it again].

From a very awake Brandon as transcribed by a very tired Tonni

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