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Brandon Blog #4

Hello Ms. Miranda and people all around the world, even though it is late my mom said I could stay up late to write because I just felt like talking tonight.

This has been a busy Monday and Tuesday. It started off I stayed home all day to rest since I knew I was going to be up past my bedtime on Monday. I got undressed from my boxers and my wife beater and relaxed in my bathtub for awhile. I took three toys in the bathtub too so I wouldn't be bored. And I had lots of fun in the bathtub but I was thinking about if a lot of people were going to come to see the movie. Then I got dressed in my suit and I made my mom laugh because I told her when I saw myself in the mirror "I ooze fashion!" She laughed so hard she said she felt like she was going to pee in her pants. Then before the movie my mom took me to McDonalds, the one on Sunset and I had my favorite meal... Cheeseburger plain Happy Meal with only the top bun. I hate the bottom bun! And I had ice cream. But oh my God the funniest thing happened... this man sitting next to us lifted up his butt and farted real loud out in public! Ahhaha! Me and my mom held our laughs in so hard, and she kept whispering "Brandon do not laugh!" ahaha! I cannot believe really he farted out loud in public!

Then, when I got to the place where the movie was showing in Hollywood I took lots of pictures and answered questions. There were soooooo many people at the theater and every time I see the movie I love it! And on Tuesday it was my 6th time seeing it. Out in public hehehe I am just kidding! It's weird seeing myself, well seeing myself in a movie. Sometimes I think I sound nasally. The movie is so funny to me. Ms. Miranda is a weird and hilarious writer, and she wrote about love. I wonder sometimes why she wrote a weird love movie, I cannot believe 2 girls kissed, besides... me and Nancy Herrington only had to kiss for a little bit, but Natasha and Najarra had to kiss for a long time, I just CANNOT believe that, but my mom said girls can kiss girls and boys can kiss boys.

Oh yeah and the CD it has good music. But #12 is the best, I like to sing to it, but my mom's favorite is #6. I want to be a big Director like Ms. Miranda when I grow up. I already have my own Spiderman Video Camera that I got for Christmas and I made a movie with my dogs. I wanted to take my movie to school to show it but my mom said a bad word when she was cooking our big Christmas dinner and I was dancing so nasty in front of the camera. Sometimes I get a little crazy and go cuckoo, so I couldn't take it.

Well I had a great time seeing the movie and seeing all the other actors from the movie, especially Ms. Jo Nelle! I hadn't seen her in sooo long and she likes to talk about Fairly Odd Parents with me, now I can't believe, I just can't believe she knows about the cartoons on Nickelodeon! It was good seeing Ms. Miranda again too, I feel like she understands my brain. But I wish that Miles was there! Oh and it was so much fun seeing people who helped Ms. Miranda make the movie, I hadn't seen them in a long time like Ms. Christie and Ms. Sherry oh and Ms. Gina.. I cannot believe she had a little baby! My Mom went crazy over the baby video.

And ohhhhhh my god at the party there was a belly dancer, and she was shaking her little hips. I could not stop laughing. But I tried it when I got home and my mom was screaming and laughing. My mom is so crazy sometimes!

Well I was about to finish this, but my mom was drinking a bottle of water and I read it and it said "Choose Your Adventure, feel like a Movie Star, Live like a Rock Star!" sometimes I kind of want to live like that when I get to be like 16 or something or maybe 18 or older.

Oh and I am hoping lots of people come to the movie on Friday, and everybody that I know in Highland Park in Chicago where I used to live before I moved to LA is going to see it there on Friday too, like 20 people I know there. I am going to see it here again too, that is going to be my 7th time but I already have the whole movie memorized! ahaha GOOD NIGHT LITTLE FREAKS! AHAHAHA.

143 (Love)


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